Premier Health spends summer working on $11.3 million expansion project in Mason

July 31, 2014
Arnav Damodhar | Staff Writer

medical center2Pictured: Donna Banks outside the Premier Health Middletown branch
Photo by Arnav Damodhar

As summer fun is in full swing, project manager Donna Banks, and others at Premier Health are working diligently toward the $11.3 million hospital expansion project in the Warren County area.

Premier Health has recently purchased a former medical building at 7450 Mason-Montgomery Road for renovation. The building will be named Atrium Medical Center. Atrium Medical Center will be a two-story building, consisting of a 44,000 square feet, 24-hour emergency center, and will offer other services as well.

medical centerThe Premier Health Building is at 7450 Mason-Montgomery Road.
Photo by Arnav Damodhar

“We are going to put in a freestanding emergency center,” Banks said. “What that is, is a full service emergency room without a hospital attached to it.”

According to Banks, Atrium Health Center will have a mobile ICU unit; otherwise known as an MCU, available. Anyone that needs to be admitted to higher level care will either be admitted to Atrium Medical Center, or Miami Valley Hospital, depending on the level of illness.

“The Miami Valley Hospital is a Level One Trauma Center,” Banks said. “Level One Trauma is the highest. They can take anything and everything.”

Atrium Medical Center will be a Level Three Trauma Center. According to Banks, Atrium Medical Center is meant for more common traumas, such as minor injuries.

According to Banks, Atrium Medical Center treats all heart attack and stroke patients. Miami Valley Hospital will administer a procedure where the interventional radiologist can go in with a stroke and fill in aneurysms.

“We do everything with medication here and they need the more advanced treatment over there,” Banks said.

Apart from emergency care, Atrium Medical Center will offer other services such as medical imaging including: CAT Scans, MRI, Ultrasounds, mammography, bone density testing, and regular x-ray. Full laboratory testing will also be available. Additionally, according to Banks, Atrium Medical Center will also have cardiac testing, more physicians’ offices, obstetrics and gynecology offices, and specialists including cardiology, orthopedics, and others.

building planPictured: The building plan for the Premier Health Center
Photo contributed by Public Relations Officer Sharon Howard

According to Banks, for example, primary care physician Dr. Block has his practice on the Atrium Campus, at Dwire Stadium. In order for his patients to get imaging tests, such as MRI, CAT Scan, or any other testing, they will have to come to Atrium Medical Center.

“So what we are doing is bring the care closer to the primary care physicians,” Banks said.

According to Banks, Dr. Marcus Washington, a family-practitioner, just opened his office on July 14.

“What we are doing is not relying on people to find their physicians and to drive to their physicians,” Banks said. “It’s a mean to take services directly to them so it’s convenient.”