Helping Hand

April 17, 2015
Arnav Damodhar | Staff Writer
Helping Hand

Sophomore Josh Suguitan volunteers in Over the Rhine to help the less fortunate.

Give and you shall receive.

Mason High School students are helping the less unfortunate by volunteering in homeless shelters and soup kitchens in Over the Rhine.

Sophomore Josh Suguitan has regularly been going with his father, a pastor at the Prince of Peace, to feed the homeless in downtown Cincinnati and better their lives by interacting and talking with them. According to Suguitan, helping those people has become part of his life.

“I grew up there doing volunteer work,” Suguitan said. “…We have church and we give them donuts, food, counseling. They become members and they come back every week.”

Apart from feeding the homeless, Suguitan also counsels children on making the right choices.

“I always try to influence them on their future lives,” Suguitan said. “There’s this one kid, and we always hang out. He runs up to me and has me carry him around and we go do activities.”

Junior Sean Reid said he volunteers with an organization that he created, called Service Workers Achieving Greatness or S.W.A.G., Reid said.

“We have done City Gospel Mission, which is an extremely humbling experience, where you can serve breakfast, lunch, or dinner,” Reid said. “The mission that they’re trying to complete is that they bring kids off the street, they have seminars, they have everything from food to church…They also have seminars that prepare people for jobs and give them clothes and interviews to get them involved.”

According to Reid, helping them also has had an impact on him.

“They just thank you so much for everything that you could do for them, because their situation hasn’t been so great,” Reid said. “But seeing that for me and them in that situation, being so thankful and so happy for everything, just gives me a totally different perspective on life.”

Volunteering and helping the homeless also changes perspective on life, Suguitan said. It really exposes him to the real world.

“(It) exposes me to a lot of things I don’t see in Mason,” Suguitan said. “It makes you humble and I complain less about my life, which is really easy, compared to those who can’t get off drugs, they’re going through challenges, and they’re just harsher lives out there and I think it’s good to see it up close and in person.”


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