Importance of High School Journalism

There is one organization in the entire Mason High School that has become my utmost priority. There is one organization that has shifted my focus. There is one organization that has become my life. The Chronicle.

Everyday, as the bell rings, I walk through the door of room C103. I feel privileged to be there. A lightening bolt of passion and dedication strikes me as I step foot into that room. I have emerged as a completely different person because of The Chronicle. Never have I ever, had such a boost in confidence. Coming out after conducting my first interview for a CSPN story, I will never forget that breath of relief. I will never forget the first time my name The Chronicle has exposed me to so much. I have interviewed a variety of different people from school officials, to project managers constructing new buildings, to high school students. I have been to a soup kitchen in Over the Rhine and have directly interacted with the homeless and the needy. I have grown so much because of our journalism program. A program, that not all are lucky enough to have.

In fact, due to the lack of funding, many high school newspapers are forced to fold. But I know the Chronicle will never have to face that day because, we have outstanding business managers like Emily and Ashton. Programs like the Chronicle and MBC are what connect the 3,600 students attending Mason High School. It gives students a  chance to voice their opinions through staff editorial and opinion columns. After looking at the latest issue of the Chronicle or the latest MBC broadcast, it creates a synergy between the audience. Like  Mr. Conner said, students are able to come together and talk about it and bond over it, creating a bridge between students. Through this, the journalism program has become and will remain an integral part of MHS culture.


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