Gas station debate

May 15, 2015
Arnav Damodhar | Staff Writer

Crooked Tree Gas Station Debate

Crooked Tree gas station sparks debate among residents.

Get off my lawn.

For the past several years, the proposal for the construction of a gas station has been an ongoing battle between the residents of Crooked Tree and the Mason City Council. Residents have come together and protested construction of a Shell gas station on the roundabout at the intersection of Mason-Montgomery and Bethany Road.

According to Crooked Tree resident Scott Stevens, the residents in this area have spoken to the city council and county court to protest.

“When it went before City Council in 2011, the entire neighborhood protested this and lost,” Stevens said. “The City Council favored the developer. It has already been approved and there is nothing else we can do.”

According to City Planner Brian Lazor, the gas station will actually serve the community better.

“The developer did a marketing study and it showed that area was underserved,” Lazor said. “The gas station will provide the residents in the area shopping option. There will also be a convenience store.”

Though the gas station is approved, it doesn’t follow the stipulated ordinances according to the City of Mason, Stevens said. According to Stevens, he knew that the zone was a commercial zone, but never expected a gas station.

“I knew that when I built my house in 2002, that there would be a business in the area,” Stevens said. “There is an ordinance stating that gas trucks aren’t allowed to travel on any routes in the City except for Route 741 or Route 42. This gas station is not on either of the routes. We always knew that a light business like a dry cleaner’s, or a doctor’s office would go there, but never a gas station.”