Nick Seifert and the owner holding the rescued cat.

Nick Seifert and the owner holding the rescued cat

Eagle Scout is the ultimate pinnacle of Boy Scouts. The last rung of a long and arduous ladder. But this is not the end, but only the beginning of something so big; something so vast. The moment when you yourself realize your true potential and caliber.

Today as I was talking a walk in the blazing heat with Brian and Nick, a lady yelled towards us.

She yelled, “Would you boys like a chance to be good Samaritans?”

Puzzled by this question for a moment, we replied, “Yes of course!”

The task I had in my mind was something simple. But what she asked us to do was no simple task.

She frantically said, “My cat has been stuck in the sewer drainage for two nights. I don’t know how much longer she can go like this. The fire department couldn’t really do anything. Can you boys please help me?”

The answer to this question we didn’t have to think about. We grabbed the metal grate and lifted it. Nick quickly ran to his house to change into his swim trunks and came running back. Brian and I lowered Nick into the sewer and we handed him milk to lure the cat. After several minutes of sticking his head into the pipe and reaching out to the car as far as he could, Nick finally pulled the cat out and handed it to me. I grabbed a towel to hold her and gave it to the owner.

She was thankful beyond belief. The look in her eyes was indescribable. Her face was glowing and her smile exuberant. She asked us, “How do you all know each other?”

Brian replied, “We’re all Boy Scouts.”

She continued, “Are you all Eagles?”

I replied, “Of course.”

She then responded, “I knew I was in good hands.”

She offered Nick a reward and he kindly denied it. He didn’t want anything of  monetary value because that’s who he is. That’s who we are. We help people for the sole purpose of helping them. That’s what a Boy Scout is. That’s what being an Eagle has taught me.


An Act of Selflessness

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